We can advise on a range of fund raising options including bank or working capital finance, loan stock, and third party non-equity investors. Our network of contacts will help secure the right finance package. Businesses should give themselves the best chance of success by obtaining professional advice. We have considerable experience in this area and we base our advice on sound projections. We establish both how, and over what period funds will be utilised and where specialist advice is necessary, such as for obtaining grants or venture capital.

The main sources of finance available are:

  • Personal funds and family wealth
  • Bank overdraft facilities
  • Equity Funding Alliance
  • Bank loans - which could include loan guarantee schemes
  • Longer term commercial loans and mortgages
  • Hire purchase and leases
  • Debt factoring and invoice discounting
  • Private equity capital
  • Institutional equity capital
  • National and regional grants and loans or assistance

1 - Enterprises agencies www.nfea.com for a directory

2 - Government Office for the Region (GOR) - www.gos.gov.uk

3 - Business Link (England) - www.businesslink.gov.uk

4 - Business Gateway (Scotland) - www.bgateway.com

5 - Business Eye (Wales) - www.businesseye.org.uk

6 - Invest Northern Ireland - www.investni.com

7 - Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) - www.englandrdas.com

8 - Chambers of Commerce - www.chamberonline.co.uk

9 - Learning and Skills Council (LSC) - www.lsc.gov.uk

10 - Envestors - www.envestors.co.uk

11 - Nationally, grants are also available from various Government departments and agencies, such as:

12 - Grants are available for entrepreneurs aged 18-30 from organisations like the Prince's Trust - www.princes-trust.org.uk

13 - Grants are available for business in specific sectors from organisations such as the Crafts Council www.craftscouncil.org.uk and the Arts Council England www.artscouncil.org.uk

14 - Some funding resources are available for various charitable activities, such as: